WEEK 1 (September 19, 2021)

This week, we are getting to know each other! Have your parents email Jeannine at stroseparishdre@gmail.com some info all about you! Please list fun facts about yourself (name, school, siblings, pets, favorite class at school, favorite activities). Then you can practice The Sign of the Cross. Also, color the attached coloring sheet and write your name across the cross. Kindergarten Coloring Page.

WEEK 2 (Sept. 26, 2021)

Review the  entire booklet of lesson 1 – God creates the Skies. Make the booklet on pages 3-4 and share with our families. Lastly, we took two pieces of construction paper – one black and one white – and drew an activity we can do during the day and one we can do during the night. 

We also kept working on learning the sign of the cross. (Refer to week 1’s page – The Sign of the Cross).

WEEK 3 (October 3, 2021)

Read the creation story (Genesis 1– you can use a children’s Bible if you’d like). Read chapter 2 and do all activities in the chapter. Also, do activity A in the packet. Finally, do the story of creation activity here:

WEEK 4 (October 10, 2021)

Lesson 3 (please photo all work done).

Pray the Sign of the Cross.

WEEK 5 (October 17, 2021)

Lesson 4 (please photo all work done).

Pray the Sign of the Cross.

WEEK 6 (October 24, 2021)

This week we begin by praying “Thank you, God, for making me wonderful!” This prayer is from Psalm 139:14. We make a list of the ways we are special (talents, things we can do, etc.) Then we worked on chapter 5. Make the Canticle of the Sun booklet. We finish our lesson by praying the Sign of the Cross.

WEEK 7 (October 31, 2021)

This week we talked about how God loves all things that He has made. This is from Wisdom 11:24. We read through chapter 6. Please do all activities with chapter 6 and also activity F. Pray the Sign of the Cross Prayer, and say a prayer for your family. Have a good week!

WEEK 8 (November 7, 2021)

This week we prayed “All my being blesses God’s holy name.” (Psalm 103:1).

We worked on chapter 7, and completed the “Just Like Me Book.” Make sure you do all activities in chapter 7!

WEEK 9 (November 14, 2021)

This week we read Galatians 6:9-10 “Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest, if we do not give up. So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, but especially to those who belong to the family of the faith.” Then we talked about how we can help each other.

We read chapter 8  and did activity F.  Have a great week!

WEEK 10 (November 21, 2021)

This week, we began with the prayer “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good,” from Psalm 106:1. We then completed the Thanksgiving chapter and activity M. To finish class, say the “Sign of the Cross” prayer. Happy Thanksgiving!

WEEK 11 (December 5, 2021)

Today we prayed about being patient until Jesus comes (James 5:7). We completed the chapter on Advent and Activity N (the Advent Tree Calendar). Finish by praying the Sign of the Cross and the Our Father prayers.

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